Welding Beds & Custom Truck Bumpers

Welding Beds

CWS manufactures welding beds and custom truck beds. All of our stylish welding beds are built to last and designed with productivity in mind. Who would know welding beds better than someone who has been running a welding truck for years?

Our welding truck beds sport a hefty headache rack and have a 3 inch trough for the welding machine to ride in, thus producing a lower profile for cruising down the highway. The welding bed also features a 2 inch receiver hitch, welding lead reels, flared fenders, recessed or top side tool boxes, chopped rear corners, oxygen and acetylene bottle racks, pipe stand holders, flush mounted angle iron in rear of deck for pipe fitting, heavier plate on rear deck area, clearance lights and more.

Additional accessories such as locking vice, grill attachment, roll-out wheel attachment or gooseneck hitch can be provided.

If you don’t see a welding bed you like in the photos, just give us a call and we’ll fab one to your specifications.


Custom Truck Bumpers

CWS manufactures custom truck front and rear bumpers to your specifications. Our heavy duty bumpers will stand up to the stoutest deer. We can make pipe bumpers, military-looking bumpers, or flat bumpers. We also offer mounted fog lights or recessed lights for the bumpers.